Past gigs


Nov 27 Private party, N11


Mar 18 Fatisa restaurant/bar

Apr 27 Khoi Khoi Bar & Vino

Apr 30 Ukraine benefit, Ruislip

May 27 Belle Vue, High Weycombe

Jun 4 Fatisa restaurant/bar

Jun 25 Vintage Festival (

Jul 13 Trade Show (INDX Shows)

Jul 16 Fatisa restaurant/bar

Jul 17 Waterfall tennis club, N11

Jul 23 Trade Show (INDX Shows)

Jul 29 Khoi Khoi Bar & Vino

Aug 27 The Jolly Fisherman (Ware)

Oct 1 The Black Lion, NW6

Oct 7 ‘La Vida’ Bistro

Oct 14 ‘La Vida’ Bistro

Nov 4th. ‘La Vida’ Bistro

Nov 19th. Private Event

Nov 20th. The Woodman, N6

Nov 25th. Fatisa

Dec 16th The Winchmore, N21


Feb 1st INDX Trade Show

Feb 11th The Birdcage

Feb 12th INDX Trade Show

Mar 11th The Birdcage

Mar 25th The Chandelier

Apr 8th The Birdcag

Apr 14th The Khoi Khoi

Apr 15th The Westbury

Apr 22nd The Chandelier

May 20th The Chandelier

May 26th The Fatisa

May 27th The Woodman

Jun 17th The Westbury

Jun 19th INDX Trade Show

Jun 25th Vintage Festival

Jul 1st The Chandelier

Jul 2nd Jolly Fisherman

Jul 29th The Birdcage

Jul 30th Two Brothers

Aug 6th Private Party

Aug 11th The Khoi Khoi

Sept 27th The ArtHouse

Oct 1st The Two Brothers

Oct 28th The Khoi Khoi (Cancelled)

Oct 29th The Two Brothers

Nov 25th The Engine Rooms

Dec 8th The Winchmore

Dec 17th The ArtHouseN8